Generic tadalafil by Cipla Ltd.

On this page, you can find the pictures of Tadacip tablets and the authentic package of the drug. Please remember that you have the right to return the package if you order drugs online and receive a product that does not look like the authentic Tadacip presented in the pictures on this page. It is very important that you take medications that have been released by authorized pharmaceutical companies.

The tablet of Tadacip is of orange color, ovoid form, and has the dosage indication entrenched on its side. Blisters of Tadacip may contain 4 or 10 tablets.

Importance of telling a fake from the authentic Tadacip

Buying drugs on the internet can helps saving money, but there are many dangers of counterfeit drugs that the unwary buyer could face. Many not serious sites, in fact, market products that apparently seem identical to the original ones, both for the shape and color of the pills and for those of the containers and external packaging, but in reality they are fakes.

Sites that market counterfeit drugs usually lack the necessary authorizations and go beyond the boundaries regulated by current legislation, unlike pharmacies that have decided to invest in online commerce. A warning sign to watch out for, reported by Interpol, is given by a site that does not show its physical address.

Counterfeit drugs contain substances that have not been tested and validated according to the strict production protocols typical of the pharmaceutical industry. They could therefore be harmful, and in some cases even lethal, for those who consume them. The counterfeiting can concern the active ingredient, the excipients or both. In the first case, the efficacy of the drug itself is put at great risk, which could lose all or part of its therapeutic action or give rise to different and unexpected biodistribution profiles. The series is the most varied, with products containing less active ingredient (or nothing at all), or higher dosages than those authorized. Furthermore, the active ingredient used in counterfeit drugs is often different from that stated on the label, a fact that adds danger to danger. In the case of excipients, counterfeiting could lead to a change in the release characteristics of the active ingredient in the body, again with potentially very dangerous effects.