Tadalafil And How It Works

Tadalafil formula in Tadacip

The substance that is now known under various trademark names, tadalafil, was developed in 2003, and became a follow-up to sildenafil (Viagra) that won even more popularity than the first erectile drug. The benefits of tadalafil compared to other drugs in its class are obvious:

  • 36 hours of therapeutic window (effect duration)
  • effects that are not reduced with abundant meals
  • faster onset time (20-30 minutes following dosing)

As of March 2019, generic tadalafil became available internationally. The competition for the erectile health market has increased, which benefits you as a consumer. Today, you have more diversified offers of the bestseller Weekend Pill, as tadalafil is sometimes called for its extended duration of action.

The manufacturer of Tadacip is an acclaimed multinational pharmaceutical company Cipla Ltd., recognized for the robust quality and affordable prices. It is hard to compete with the giant like this as far as the cost of generic tadalafil goes, since the company has been in the business of producing medications for the countries with unstable economy since 1935.

How tadalafil helps against erectile dysfunction

Oral drugs against impotence are called phosphodiesterase type 5 inhibitors (PDE5i), because they block the enzyme of this name and thus promote the release of nitric oxide. The role of nitric oxide for erectile mechanism is crucial: it removes the rigidity of the blood vessel walls found in the penis. The blood vessels in the smooth muscles of the penis expand, the blood flow in the genitals gets a powerful boost, and a man using tadalafil can achieve and sustain erection with minimal sexual stimulation.

use of tadalafil

Tadalafil use: on-demand vs. daily

There are two possible methods of administration: every day or as needed, shortly before sexual activity. Tadacip use is reserved for on demand, as it contains tadalafil 20 mg – a dose that is appropriate for a fast and effective therapy. Daily doses of tadalafil are 2.5 mg and 5 mg. What is the benefit of everyday tadalafil use? The effects of the drug accumulate over time, gradually contributing to the recovery from erectile dysfunction. Tadalafil daily makes user ready for sexual activity without the need to plan for the drug intake.

How safe is tadalafil?

Tadalafil features a reasonable clinical safety: this means that some side effects may appear, but not every user will experience them. At the same time, the side effects are fleeting, mostly mild, and depend on the generic tadalafil dosage – which means that they can be mitigated by simply decreasing the daily dose. Any dose adjustment should be approved by prescriber.

Safe use of tadalafil is a guarantee of the drug’s safety: tadalafil contraindications and drug incompatibility rules should be observed.