Tadacip Online

Is Tadacip available online?

Tadacip For Sale OnlineUnlike generics of tadalafil available in the U.S., Tadacip is not manufactured domestically. This is why the drug cannot be found in the physical pharmacies of the country – much to the regret of local consumers, because the cost of the drug is highly competitive.

Answering the titular question – yes, Tadacip is available for purchase online. Admittedly, mail-ordering entails a certain amount of time spent waiting for the pills to reach you – the only drawback of online shopping. How to get your ED pills sooner? Place an order in advance, counting for 3-4 weeks of waiting, and well before you run out of your Tadacip supply.

If this is your first purchase and you have no refills to fall back on, this might feel like a challenging arrangement. However, delayed gratification always comes with major benefits, and in this case it is the benefit of a much better price in respect to the cost of tadalafil in local pharmacy chains.

Generic tadalafil vs. Tadacip online

Not all generics are created equal. In the U.S., the production of generic Cialis is practically monopolistic, with Teva Pharms USA dictating the price for generic tadalafil brands. As a result, the generics for Cialis available in the U.S. pharmacies retail at $24.46 and upward per unit, providing little relief for consumer pocket.

The point of ordering Tadacip is that Cipla Ltd., its manufacturer, establishes the price based on the economical reality in India, where the production cost is less for the same quality. Apropos the quality – by definition, a pharma company licensed by FDA had been subjected to rigorous controls by the US authorities. FDA controllers make sure that the materials and processes used for manufacturing of generic tadalafil are the same as those employed in the production of brand Cialis. Tadacip price in India is therefore much lower much lower, while the efficacy and safety are the same.

How to buy tadalafil online

Online pharmacies work like any other online shop: you need to have a valid email account and a means of digital payment to place an order.

Find a drugstore with reliable quality of products (you need to make sure that Tadacip is not counterfeited, read this guide on how to avoid fake drugs).

  1. Choose the desired quantity (insider tip: bigger packs result in reduced per-item price).
  2. Send the items to the shopping cart and proceed to checkout.
  3. Fill out the fields with the information required for the company to perform its obligations (your name, delivery address, email, telephone number).
  4. Choose the shipping method.
  5. Pay for the purchase using the selected method.
  6. Check for the confirmation email to arrive.
  7. In case something goes wrong, contact the customer support.
  8. Your order will be received within the time indicated for the chosen shipping method.

Important! Orders containing more than 120 pills will be split in two or more packages, as larger amounts of pills per package give grounds for the customs officers to believe the drugs might be ordered for the purposes of distribution.

Tadacip without prescription: important note

Tadalafil is a prescription drug. Make sure you have talked to your doctor, giving them a full insight into your medical history and the list of currently taken drugs. Tadacip works best when it is used following the prescriber’s recommendations. Even if you choose to order from an overseas pharmacy that complies with local regulations and does not require a prescription, a specialist’s opinion is important to obtain.