Tadacip Review

Tadacip: general drug overview

Active substance Tadalafil
Doses available 20 mg
Drug form Film-coated tablets
Status Generic
Manufacturer Cipla Ltd.
Original manufacturer Eli Lilly
Country of origin India
Pregnancy category B
Route of administration Oral
Elimination half-life 17.5 hours

Tadacip efficacy review

Tadalafil was first introduced to the market in 2003, following its approval for the treatment of erectile dysfunction, benign prostate hyperplasia, and pulmonary arterial hypertension. Tadacip is tadalafil molecule used for the treatment of erectile incapacity in men. As such, it has been subject of multiple clinical trials. In the course of these trials, it was established that tadalafil mean-per-patient efficacy is more than 70% (data based on the results of a research carried out by the scientists of Department of Internal Medicine, Chair of Endocrinology in the University of Rome Tor Vergata, Rome).

Tadacip side effects reported by users

For 1,676 patient-years, the following side effects of tadalafil were registered as the most common:

Symptom Incidence
Headache 15.8%
Runny/stuffy nose 11.4%
Stomach trouble 11.8%
Back pain 8.2%

Data according to Tadalafil in the treatment of erectile dysfunction; an overview of the clinical evidence

What are patient-years? Patient-years are the number of patients multiplied by number of years in the study. The bigger the number, the more reliable the data. As can be seen, tadalafil safety has been proven by a large number of patient-years.

Tadacip overall satisfaction with the product

In the overwhelming majority of cases, men using tadalafil report satisfaction with the way the drug works. These reports are classified by several clinical parameters by the scientific personnel, including:treatment of erectile dysfunction

  • The ease of response to sexual stimulation with an erection
  • The hardness of the erection
  • Erectile size and girth
  • Sustainability of erection
  • The ability to satisfy the partner
  • The quality of ejaculation
  • The shortening of post-ejaculatory recovery time
  • Increased stamina for back-to-back erections
  • The duration of the therapeutic effect

Tadacip price review

Tadacip is a generically produced drug, which affects its price significantly. But the cost of Tadacip is low even compared to other generics of tadalafil. Why is it so? Tadacip is the product of the pharmaceutical company Cipla Ltd., which specializes in cost-effective solutions. While the generics of tadalafil found in the physical pharmacies of the U.S. are produced locally and have the cost that is not regulated by any government body, the price of Tadacip is regulated by the elaborate cost-control protocols within the pharmaceutical industry in its country of origin India.

Tadacip user reviews

My husband and I (30+) are trying to make a baby. He suffered from post-traumatic stress about two years ago and has since been taking antidepressant tablets. And as a result, we have postponed having children. Our problem now is that he has had side effects with disappointing potency and decreased desire as a result. Cialis works well for us but is very expensive 12 tablets. Viagra costs almost $400. If you start from the recommendations that you should be intimate 3 times / week to increase the changes to get pregnant, you can quickly calculate that the cost of the potency agents will then amount to about $1,200/month. Tadacip was our first choice, and we have not been disappointed. It is a true life-saver the way it is effective and inexpensive.

My partner was prescribed tadalafil at 5 mg. These should be taken daily and provide more spontaneity in a fixed relationship. The small doses cannot be found on the website unfortunately.

There was a lot of advertising in the thread ... My husband takes tadacip sometimes, it works well. However, it does not work without desire, he must have it himself, only the erection is affected.

The easiest way is to visit a doctor who writes a prescription, you grab it and go get a generic pill of your choice. Today, when the patent has been released for Cialis, you can buy Tadacip Cipla count 12 for approx. $15. The important thing is that you are in the mood. If the tablet is taken about 30-60 minutes before you start cuddling, it usually works. The first time I took a 20 mg but I got ejaculation and it did not relax in the end so the girl wanted to stop after 1 hour. She was happy. I went down to 10 mg (half a tablet) and I can reach orgasm sooner with it.