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Ronald N.

Hi, nice place to read up on all things men’s health. I appreciate that the information here is structured and comprehensibly written. I was not sure if I could use Tadacip with alcohol, because the insert says that it’s kind of OK. Every time after having a shot alongside with potency pills I would get a splitting headache and dizziness. Turns out, I was going through dizzy spells caused by a drop in blood pressure, like explained here. My doctor actually confirmed. I wonder why she hadn’t told me so in the first place, it’s her job after all to tell patients how drugs are taken…

Tylen B.

I would like to thank you for the substantial information and tips. It means a world to feel like one has a confidential support in an intimate trouble. However, I would like to read more about comparisons and new drugs available for the treatment of erectile dysfunction. In particular, I am curious about how Tadacip stacks up with Avana.

Rose Middleton, Customer Support

Hello, Tylen! We thank you for the interest and feedback, and we will take into consideration your request. Did you know that you could also send us a query or ask a question about available treatments? We answer promptly and discreetly, go to the Contact Us page to send us a message!

Linda A.

I was able to find the information on how generic erection pills differ from the brand-name drugs. Thanks for a comprehensible explanation and the tips that I got on mitigating the side effects that my husband was having from his pills!